Karen WrightKaren Wright

Karen Wright is a Certified Professional Organizer®(CPO), the creator and owner of Life Simplified and a Certified Relocation Transitions Specialist (CRTS™) for Seniors.

As her dad will tell you, she was born organizing! At five years old, Karen started organizing her own closet and bedroom. The other areas of the house soon followed.

Life Simplified is a natural outflow of Karen’s passion and talent to create newer, better and simpler systems of organized living. She specializes in creating and implementing organizing solutions that are easy to maintain. Basically, Karen simplifies and improves her clients’ lives. She does more than just organize. Karen also provides consultation services that equip her clients with the skills necessary to help them keep their lives organized after their projects are complete. Karen is committed to helping her clients achieve their organizing goals at their own pace and in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Karen enjoys continually learning, refining her skills, and improving her knowledge and abilities. She applies patience, passion and excellence to overcome every organizing challenge faced by her clients. Karen sets the standards, goals and vision of Life Simplified. When Karen isn’t working with a client, she loves to travel and hang out with her husband and two dogs.

Our Mission ~ Life Simplified creates and implements custom solutions that provide every client with an organized and efficient lifestyle.

shandra-editShandra Hennebeck

Shandra Hennebeck is an Organizing Associate for Life Simplified.

She is a very enthusiastic organizer with a passion to help others. She loves to simplify complex, overwhelming spaces into newly well-organized easy to use spaces. Shandra enjoys giving her clients comfort and insight during each step of the process. She understands the active role that is needed to help families discover how much better and more simplified their lives can be. Shandra appreciates and enjoys the happiness her clients often show as their projects move forward.

In between organizing projects, Shandra enjoys organizing her own home as well as spending time with her husband and two puppies. She loves the outdoors, hiking, photography, reading, and learning something new every day.

Our Vision ~ We believe that organized living promotes a healthy life…simplified.